Learn times and addition tables online


When you were a schoolchild you probably spent "a few hours" learning multiplication or addition tables.

My kids also did. To make their learning experience easy and entertaining I developed an online application for them. I now have the pleasure to share it so that other children benefit from it for free.

The idea is rather simple: each of us has very different means of remembering. Some memorize while reading, others while hearing and others while writting. This website familiarizes children (or adults!) with tables using the 3 different methods at once.

You may start immediately or create a user account (nickname + password) to keep track of your progress.

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Impress your teacher. Show her/him that you know your addition and times tables thanks to MesTables.fr!
Sunday at 10:29am, Timéo learnt times tables from 3 to 4 and only made 1 mistake(s).